Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day
Here are some great ways to celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day is this Monday! This holiday was established in 1970, and is a celebration of environmental protection measures across the globe. On this day, people worldwide participate in various actions meant to encourage sustainable environmental practices. Some examples of these are environmental cleanups, meeting with elected officials, and planting trees. No matter where you live, there are many ways to get involved in Earth Day festivities! Here are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day this year.


Recycling is one of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day! When you recycle an item, you’re cutting down on the need to produce more of it, which can benefit the environment greatly. There are many finite resources on our planet, so we have to be mindful about how we’re using them. Fortunately, recycling offers us the chance to extend the lifespan of our products a bit. If your home or business isn’t currently recycling items, now is a great time to start. Make sure that you do some research on which materials are recyclable and which ones aren’t. For example, plastic that has food residue on it cannot be recycled, so keep that in mind.

Reduce Your Energy/Material Usage

Earth Day is a great time to take stock of how you use energy and materials. Often, we use more water and electricity than we need to. A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to track how much of these resources you’re using, and to take steps to decrease this amount if it’s an excessive one. The same thing can be done for the waste your home or business produces. You might find that you could simply buy fewer items than you have been previously.

Reuse Items

One of the biggest waste problems is the disposal of items that could have been reused. This is especially apparent with disposable items that make life more convenient for their users. However, it’s not a good idea to sacrifice sustainability for convenience. In fact, there are some ways you can blend sustainability and convenience. One of the best ways to do this is by using reusable shopping bags on your trip. They are convenient because they allow you to carry your groceries, but they are sustainable because you won’t have to keep buying plastic ones.

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