Facts About Recycling Plastics

Recycling Plastic
Here’s some important information about recycling plastics.

Even if you know a lot about recycling, you may not know everything about recycling plastics. While most people are aware that paper and plastic are two of the most recycled materials, they usually don’t know everything that goes into the process of recycling plastic. Here is some important information you should know about plastic.

All Plastic Isn’t Recyclable

While you can recycle many forms of plastic, it’s important to note that all not all plastic is recyclable! It’s important that you make sure to understand which times of plastics are best sent to a recycling plant and which ones are best dealt with in different ways. For example, plastic bags and straws shouldn’t be sent to a recycling plant. While you could recycle the plastic bags in your own home by using them again, you shouldn’t place them in your recycling bin.

Plastic Is Categorized

You’ve probably noticed that there is a number on the underside of plastic containers, but do you know what they mean? These numbers, ranging from 1-7 show you what kind of plastic it is. Plastics marked with the number 1 are the most recyclable and those with a number 7 on them are usually non-recyclable.

Dirty Plastic Can’t Be Recycled

It’s important to understand that dirty plastic cannot be recycled. This means that if there is any food residue or any other debris on the plastic you’re planning to recycle, you should clean it before placing it into the recycling bin. Quality is very important when recycling plastics so make sure yours are in good condition. When dirty plastics are placed into recycling bins, they are usually thrown out because they can’t be used. While the people who put them here likely have good intentions, ultimately these plastics don’t help anybody when they’re thrown out.

Plastics Can Only Be Recycled 2-3 Times

Unlike glass and metal, plastics have a finite number of times they can be recycled before their quality degrades. The polymers that make up these plastics are weakened every time they are recycled, so keep that in mind. This is not to dissuade you from recycling plastic but to instead inspire you to recycle it as much as possible. Because it has such a short lifespan. It’s important to put a good amount of effort into recycling it.

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