Make Sure You’re Recycling These Things

Make Sure You're Recycling These Things
We will show you what materials you should be recycling whenever you can.

Great strides have been made in the field of recycling over the years. We’ve gone from a lowly 7% recycling rate in 1960 up to a little over 34% by 2015. Recycling has been on the upward spiral, but we still have to do more. Part of why people don’t recycle more is because they don’t know which materials are recyclable. We will show you what materials you should be recycling whenever you can.


Paper is actually among the highest percentage of waste materials in the entire U.S. (up to 26%). To help lower this number, make sure you’re keeping paper products out of your trash bins, including mail, magazines, and cardboard boxes.


Plastic recycling hasn’t improved much over the past few decades, rising from 1% in 1970 to only 9% by 2015. It’s important to recycle plastic materials because they put a strain on landfills and take several hundred years to break down.


Glass is a recyclable material not everyone may know about. As of now, 26% of glass gets recycled, and you have a chance to make that number rise. Take any dressing containers, drink bottles, and jam jars you have and put them in your recycling bin. Just remember to rinse off any dirty materials because they can be harmful if left dirty.


There are plenty of metals that you can recycle, such as soup and soda cans, as well as aluminum foil. Only about half of all aluminum in the United States gets recycled. Just like with glass, and all other materials for that matter, make sure you can clean them off before recycling.


Car batteries are the most recycled product in the United States. But these aren’t the only batteries you can recycle. While not all batteries are recyclable, there are plenty you can place in your blue bin. Identify what battery you have before determining if it’s recyclable or not.


The percentage of e-waste that was recycled back in 2016 was at a disappointing 20%. Such e-waste products include televisions, phones, and laptops. All of these have toxic substances in them, so it’s extra critical that you dispose of these items carefully. Careful handling of these items is essential for the health of the planet.

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