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skinquarter landfill.skinquarter landfill.

Skinquarter C&D Landfill

Today’s landfills have no resemblance to those of the past. Modern landfills are highly engineered
facilities with very strict federal and state regulations to protect communities and the environment.
WB Waste Solution designed and built Skinquarter as a “greenfield” landfill on 112 acres in Moseley, Virginia. Skinquarter provides a final destination for more than 1000 tons of C&D Waste per day.

Skinquarter’s unique design focuses on preserving the land and airspace.

Skinquarter only accepts construction and demolition debris only that
comes from building, remodeling, or demolitions of residential and
commercial structures. Construction and demolition waste includes but is
not limited to:

infographic showing materials that can be accepted at the landfill.


What materials does the Skinquarter landfill NOT accept?

Skinquarter does not accept Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), regulated waste, coal ash or asbestos.

How does Skinquarter Landfill support the development of the community and the businesses in growing areas?

infographic showing how skinquarter landfill helps the local economy.

C&D landfills, like Skinquarter Landfill, also support economic development by creating jobs and tax revenue for surrounding communities and reducing building and demolition project expenses.