Commercial Roll-Off Dumpsters

green roll off dumpsters sitting next to each other on a roll off dumpsters sitting next to each other on a lot.

Renting a commercial roll off dumpster from WB Waste Solutions is one of the best ways to save you time and money on your next construction project.

Whether you have a quick job, long term construction project or need a permanent dumpster for waste or recycling purposes, we can supply the perfect size to meet your needs. Our open-top roll off dumpsters come in sizes 15, 20 & 30 cubic yards to help you get rid of your leftover job site material quickly and efficiently.

We provide roll-offs for large and small projects while offering both long-term and temporary contracts. Make arrangements to have a dumpster delivered at your convenience and schedule pick up in advance or simply call, email or text when you’re ready.

Commercial dumpster rentals can be used for

  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • Asphalt
  • Plaster
  • Drywall
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Windows & Siding
  • Lawn & Landscaping Debris
roll of dumpster being loaded onto truck at loan business parking lot.

Certain heavy materials such as concrete or brick will require a 10 or 20 yard dumpster while standard construction debris can be placed in our 30 yard dumpsters. If you’re unsure which dumpster you need, just call our office at (410) 768-1900 or complete the form and one of our team members will be available to help you figure out which size is best for your specific job.

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Recycling Reports — LEED Projects

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Everyone benefits from having neighborhoods comprised of green, sustainable properties and buildings. Today, building owners and property managers are putting this into practice by following certain environmental and quality building standards. WB Waste Solutions understands the importance of making sure your waste removal is properly documented in order to satisfy the project’s prerequisites and to earn points. We offer monthly dumpster recycling reports of your disposed waste materials to help you keep track of your progress and objectives.


If you require recycling reports, simply let us know prior to the first dumpster delivery to ensure that you receive all of the required documentation.

Most Common Recycled Construction Materials

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Shingles
  • Drywall
green commercial dumpster that says wb waste at a construction site.


What is a roll off dumpster? 

Roll off dumpsters are different from standard dumpsters and commonly used for home improvement or construction projects. Roll off dumpsters have open tops instead of lids, are rectangular and come in different sizes. The most common dumpster sizes are 15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards.

Why would I rent a dumpster?

Whether you’re doing some cleaning around the house or you’re doing a large remodeling job for your home, a dumpster rental can be useful for getting the job done in a more efficient manner. Renting a dumpster also gives you more flexibility to complete the job at your pace and on your schedule. Renting a dumpster also puts you in control of the costs. Once your dumpster is picked up, the company hauling it away is responsible for making sure your waste is disposed of in a legal and responsible manner.

What are my options when renting a dumpster?

You’ll want to choose your dumpster size carefully. The main sizes of dumpsters are 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard sizes. Determining the right size can be a challenge, and you don’t want to spend money on overage costs because you selected a dumpster that’s too small. That’s why we recommend picking one that’s larger than you think you’ll need. To put things into perspective, 15-yard dumpsters are for small cleanups, such as tidying up your garage or replacing a kitchen floor. A 30 or 40-yard dumpster is better suited for construction projects, multi-room renovations, remodels and commercial properties.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?

The costs for renting a dumpster include delivery, pick up, disposal fees and taxes if applicable. When you contact us for pricing, we can provide you with a free quote based on these factors; location, type of material being disposed of and weight of materials.

Why rent from WB Waste Solutions?

WB Waste Solutions is able to offer you a better rate because we own and operate the disposal facilities. We pride ourselves on offering safe, environmentally sound solutions to all of our customers while providing top-notch customer service.

What items can't go in a dumpster?

Common items that you aren’t allowed to discard include car batteries, oil, paint, flammables, and hazardous and medical waste. Some items may also carry additional fees such as tires and mattresses.  When scheduling your rental, let us know what you’re planning to put in the dumpster to avoid any complications or unexpected charges.

How can I use a dumpster in a move?

You never really know how much junk you have until it’s time to move. Renting a roll off dumpster prior to moving can help your transition go a lot smoother. Getting rid of unnecessary items will lighten the load, help you stay better organized and make unpacking at your new location a breeze. Also, donate or sell any unwanted items instead of throwing them away. This option will save you money on disposal fees.