three men standing in front of trucks and heavy equipment.three men standing in front of trucks and heavy equipment.

“We bring a unique history.  Willie and Bruce grew up in the city, and I have an intimate background running a big waste company” — Michael Magee

Formed from a partnership of talented owners—Willie Goode, Bruce Bates and Michael Magee—have built WB Waste Solutions LLC into one of the most significant, minority-owned, private solid waste management companies in the country.

Willie K. Goode — President and CEO

Mr. Willie Goode, CEO of WB Waste, is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the solid waste industry.  He started his career in the industry in his teenage years as a helper, then becoming a driver and acquiring his first truck before he was 20 years old.  Since that time, he has built one of the most significant, minority-owned recycle and waste businesses in the United States, owning and operating over 150 trucks in the Washington DC/Maryland region, while providing careers to over 350 employees that are local to the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Mr. Goode’s institutional knowledge and commitment to improving the waste industry, through his direct approach and passion for this business, has helped propel WB Waste to the success it realizes today. Mr. Goode’s determination and desire to provide comprehensive solutions for his customers has made WB Waste an industry leader.  He has the operational, organizational, financial, and interpersonal communication skills necessary to continue leading his organization to high levels of achievement.

Bruce Bates — Vice President

Bruce Bates inherited his industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit from his late father and over the last 25 years, he has successfully grown Bates Trucking from a 10-truck operation into a 100-plus truck operation. In 1996, Bruce Bates partnered with Willie Goode to form Unity Disposal and Team Transport. After several years, the two decided in 2014 to combine their roll-off operations, open up a construction and demolition (C&D) recycling facility called Recycle One and blended the Team Transport division all under a new umbrella—WB Waste Solutions, LLC.

Michael Magee — Managing Partner

Michael Magee met Willie Goode in 1991 while working as a Metro area president for one of the largest waste companies in the industry. Before joining the WB Team in 2015, Magee ran his own consulting and advisory firm for more than 10 years and built several successful businesses including a medical waste collection and autoclave business and a commercial parking operation. Magee brings more than 37 years of industry knowledge to WB Waste Solutions, LLC.

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