How Recycling Helps the Environment

Learn about the many benefits of recycling!

Recycling is a popular way to conserve resources and help the environment. It’s essentially taking existing materials and refashioning them so they can be used in other ways. While this sounds extremely beneficial (and it is!) there is a lot that people don’t know about the perks of recycling. Here are some of the benefits of recycling.

Conserving Natural Resources

As previously mentioned, recycling goes a long way towards making sure that resources are used more than once. There are only a finite amount of resources on Earth, so it’s important to use the ones we do have to their fullest potential. Recycling means that fewer trees have to be cut down, less mining has to take place, and less plastic is made. All these things go a long way towards preserving the world’s resources.

Protecting Ecosystems

When natural resources are extracted, ecosystems are negatively impacted. For example, when trees are cut down to be made into paper, their absence displaces the animals who live in them and otherwise depend on them. These animals being moved from their homes can create issues with the overall ecosystem as all organisms in it are connected. Recycling can help protect ecosystems because it allows people to use fewer resources than they usually would.

Protecting People

In addition to the animals that call forests and other areas home, people are also vulnerable to environmental issues caused by a lack of recycling. Large amounts of waste could end up in people’s water supplies, which can cause them health problems. Also, people who live in communities near forest can be displaced and made to live in worse conditions. Recycling cuts down on this issue because it ensures that the material that would be in these waterways would be used for a different purpose instead.

Saves Energy

It’s easier to make products from recycled materials than it is to start from scratch with raw materials. There are a lot of steps that go into making a product from raw materials, including refining, transporting, and physically creating it. Every time a product is made from scratch, this process has to happen and the energy costs truly start to pile up. Recycling makes a big difference when it comes to energy cost. For example, recycling aluminum costs 95% less energy than creating a new aluminum product.

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