Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management Strategies

Sustainable Waste Management
Use these sustainable waste management tips in your home or office!

When it comes to waste management, chances are you want to use the most sustainable options. Sustainability means that the method that you are using will be able to avoid diminishing the Earth’s natural resources too much. It’s important to use sustainable methods because doing so saves our environment from unnecessary damage. Here are some sustainable waste management strategies you can use in your home or business.

Reduce Paper & Ink Use

If you work in an office setting, you’re probably well aware of the large amount of paper and ink that gets used on a regular basis. With the amount of reports and other documents that get printed in your office, it can seem like your ink and paper are always depleted. Many documents don’t necessarily need to be printed though. With all the technological advancements that we have, it’s more environmentally-conscious to send certain documents via email instead of printing them out. Also, you could print on both sides of the paper you use in order to cut down on how much of it you have to buy.

Add Reusable Items To Your Break Room

When you look at your break room, you’ll probably see a lot of disposable plates, cups, and spoons. While these items certainly makes things more convenient, they are adding to a lot of the waste your building produces. Instead, encourage people in your office to bring in reusable bottles and have plates they can use to heat their food up on. Using reusable utensils and bottles will cut down on your waste production dramatically.

Encourage Recycling

In a lot of homes and businesses, people typically throw items away that could be recycled. This harms the environment because it takes an item that could have been reused out of circulation and encourages people to spend more resources to make another way. Recycling is an extremely sustainable process because it prevents items from being sent to landfills. Many items that you might not expect to be recyclable actually can be recycled, so do some research to find out what those items are. Make sure that you have recycling bins in your home and office. Usually people want to recycle various items but they just don’t have a place to put them, so they throw them in the trash instead.

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