5 Waste Management Tips for Your Company

Waste Management TIps
Use these waste management tips for your business!

One aspect of running a business that not many people consider is the waste management. A building full of people can produce a lot of waste on a daily basis. This is especially true if there’s no waste management program in place. Here are five waste management tips for your company.

Conduct an Assessment

The first step in creating an efficient waste management program for your company is to assess your current program and protocol. Review the money being spent, and where it’s going. Conduct a visual and physical inspection of your waste receptacles and if they are large enough to handle the amount of waste your company produces. Take note if there is a recycling program and any opportunities you find for improvement.

Create a Plan

Now that you’ve assessed the current waste management plan, it’s time to create a new, more efficient system. Speak with the waste management team to discuss the findings of your assessment and to start the process for your new plan. Explain the areas of inefficiency and concern that you’ve found and your vision for the future.

Set New Goals

Speaking of your vision, it’s time to set some new goals. Whether you want to recycle more, reduce waste, or promote sustainability, setting those goals will give your plan direction.

Measure Accountability

Create a system that will allow you to measure and track accountability. That might mean assigning the management role to a specific person or creating a new position within your company and hiring someone who specializes in this area. Whether you’re a small business with one location or a large corporation with multiple, it’s important that there be consistency and someone in place who can provide oversight and ensure that the plan is being correctly implemented.

Monitor and Revise

As time goes on and your plan is being put to action, you’ll want to monitor and track its success or weaknesses. Where necessary, plan a meeting to discuss revisions to the plan and how you can tighten up your waste management for the overall success of your company. Keep track of any savings that you’ve experienced and any reduction in waste that you’ve noticed.

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