Tips For Recycling At Work

Recycling At Work
Here are some tips to help you recycle more at work.

Creating an environmentally friendly office is a step that helps everyone! Not only does it encourage staff to be more thoughtful and engaged in their use of materials but it helps your budget and your public relations. More consumers than ever are interested in how well companies work on their impact and starting a more effective recycling mission can help improve your impression on your customers.

Collect More

There are many different materials that can be recycled than you might think. The first step to figuring out how you can do better is to conduct a waste audit to see what items you are missing out on. Items like e-waste, batteries, cables, cell phones, and lightbulbs can all be disposed of through recycling programs that help keep them out of landfills.

Add Compost

If you’re not already including a compost stream in your waste system, this is one of the easiest ways to start improving. Compost is highly beneficial as it takes organic, decomposable material out of landfills and puts them back into use as a highly valuable fertilizer for plants and crops. Many single-use items are now being made as compostable, which is wonderful if they’re making it into compost. Other items that can be composted include food scraps, paper towels and napkins, cardboard, coffee grinds, and tea bags.

Promote Litterless Lunches

One of the most prolific ways that staff add to trash production is through their lunches. From take away containers to single package lunch options, a lot of trash is made from the food your employees consume. To counter this, create a positive workplace culture of bringing lunch from home or eating from eco-conscious sources. You may have small eateries near your office that use compostable take away containers over styrofoam or plastic. Create a recommended restaurants list based on this information to be posted in eating areas and given to new employees. Additionally, you could try creating a new employee perk of a gifted lunch bag kit with a reusable lunch bag and bento style boxes or Tupperware. Not only does this encourage less waste, but often healthier eating habits.

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