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The Importance of Trash Containers for your Business

The Importance of Trash Containers for your Business
Ensuring that your business waste is properly contained in trash containers is a matter of safety, reputation, and even employee efficacy.

There is nothing more trashy (pun intended) than walking into or near a business and being able to see and smell all of the waste they make. Every business makes waste, this is true, but not every business lets it be a matter of public knowledge. Ensuring that your business waste is properly contained in trash containers is a matter of safety, reputation, and even employee efficacy. 

Consider Your Waste

Every business has different waste needs, and each will require different types of waste containers. Hazardous waste removal, like bodily fluids, syringes, and needles, needs incredibly specific containers that are required by law. Likewise, hazardous chemical waste and materials will need a completely different type of disposal. For the average office, simple covered bins in areas like bathrooms and kitchens combined with public wastebaskets and recycling bins are more than enough. Businesses like restaurants with food waste may have more complicated needs.

Indoor Needs

There is a distinct difference in the types of waste containers most businesses need indoors versus out. For an office setting, you will need covered or lidded trash cans in the kitchen areas and bathrooms. In workplaces, you may only require small wastebaskets for under desks and recycling areas for paper and other materials. While these may seem like simple needs, it’s important to remember how critical they are. When a workplace does not have adequate trash receptacles, it quickly becomes dirty. Not only does this dirt and grime affect the attitude and motivation of those working in the space, but it can make a huge impact on visitors and customers as well. If a client comes to your office and finds it covered in trash and likely stinky, they’ll assume the worst of your workmanship and take their business elsewhere.

Outdoor Needs

Having your waste properly contained is just as important once it leaves your building. Consider where your outdoor waste receptacles are located and how they might affect customers and potential clients. If you work in restaurants, in particular, and have your waste outdoors, ensure that as much smell is contained as possible. If the scent of trash is wafting out to eating areas or your front doors, your customers are more than likely to lose their appetites and refrain from returning.

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