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Environmentally Focused Waste & Recycling Solutions

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WB Waste Solutions, LLC

WB Waste Solutions is our flagship waste company. We provide solutions for the proper waste removal needs of commercial, residential, and industrial customers. There is no waste and recycling solution that we cannot help solve for our customers. Our comprehensive solutions help clear the clutter from the process of appropriate, consistent, and responsible waste removal and processing.

Our services are dependable and efficient, providing service to the entire D.C. Metropolitan Region including Baltimore, and throughout Maryland and Northern Virginia. We operate in an environmentally-focused manner with a professional team of experienced and knowledgeable waste & recycling management specialists. We have the answers to all your questions and the advice you’re seeking for the safe and efficient management of all trash and recycling.

WB Waste operates our system in compliance with all local and regional regulations regarding the legal and responsible disposal of waste. Our goals are to clear the clutter, respect and preserve the earth, and provide an unrivaled customer experience.

We boast extensive industry experience with a focus on small businesses and industrial clients. Our attention to detail is inspired by our leadership — industry specialists who have spent their careers streamlining the process of collecting the waste from your property and delivering it to the appropriate waste processing center. We aim to help your business, industrial site, or residential community maintain its sanitation and beauty.

Eliminate the complications and hassle of the waste removal process with a call to WB Waste Solutions, LLC. at 410-768-1900.


Unacceptable Materials:

Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste,Drugs or Pharmaceuticals, Antifreeze, Appliances containing CFC’s, Waste containing Asbestos Materials, Oils and Oil filters, Barrells, Batteries, Boats, Cars, Mobile Homes, Computers and Printers, Petroleum Contaminated Soil, Contaminated Dirt of any kind, Creosote type materials (Light or telephone poles, rail road ties), Dead Animals, Fluorescent lamps, Fuel or Chemicals, Oil based paint, Propane tanks, Septic tank waste, Tires, Fuel Tanks.