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Environmentally Focused Waste & Recycling Solutions

Olive Street Processing

OSP is a Recycling Facility located in Capitol Heights, MD right on the DC-MD border. OSP offers recycling services directly to business customers and to haulers collecting recycling in the DC Maryland Market. With sorting technology and equipment, OSP is able to separate comingled recycling materials and prepare it for re-induction into the products you are familiar with by sorting, preparing, and shipping to a network of industry material processors.

As material commodity markets change with the fluctuations of supply and demand, OSP recognizes the need to consistently adjust rebate and sorting structures to ensure that our customers share in the highest rebate of the cleanest product available.


Unacceptable Materials:

Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste,Drugs or Pharmaceuticals, Antifreeze, Appliances containing CFC’s, Waste containing Asbestos Materials, Oils and Oil filters, Barrells, Batteries, Boats, Cars, Mobile Homes, Computers and Printers, Petroleum Contaminated Soil, Contaminated Dirt of any kind, Creosote type materials (Light or telephone poles, rail road ties), Dead Animals, Fluorescent lamps, Fuel or Chemicals, Oil based paint, Propane tanks, Septic tank waste, Tires, Fuel Tanks.